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1 Sri Hidanah Effects of Mangosteen Peel (Garcinia Mangostana) And Ginger Rhizome (Curcuma Xanthorrhiza) On The Performance And Cholesterol Levels Of Heat-Stressed Broiler Chickens
2 Eduardus Bimo Rapid Detection of Legionella Pneumophila in the Water Environment in Surabaya - Indonesia
3 Mirni Lamid The Utilization Rice Bran with Lignocellulosic Enzymes to Increase Performance Laying Hen
4 Romziah Sidik Dillemmas and Solution of Beef Cattle Farming on Global Warming Impacts
5 Mirni Lamid Probiotic Activity of Lignocellulosic Enzyme as Bioactivator for Rice Husk Degradation
6 Fedik Abdul Rantam Foam-Cell Signified Blood Vessel Endhotel Repair and histopatology of Abdominal Aorta through Stem Cell Allogenous Therapy to Rats (Rattus norvegcus) with Atherosclerosis
7 Widjiati The Effect of Vitrification of Oocytes Cumulus Complex Apoptosis of Mice (Mus musculus) to Apoptosis, Rate of Fertilization and Embryo Quality
8 Erma Safitri Characterization of Tyrosine Kinase Protein in Spermaozoa Plasma Membrane of Merino Sheep
9 Mas’ud Hariadi Improvement reproductivity of jalak bali (leucopsar rothschildi stresseman) Balinese rare animal (through the method DNA sexing and improvement of feed quality)
10 Budi Utomo Genetic mutation and deletion in Madura cattle as the results of crossbreeding
11 Budi Utomo Suplement of acrosin to the post thawing sperm of sheep towards increasing potency of spermatozoa
12 Wurlina Alkaloid immunomodulatory effects of sambiloto (andrographis paniculate l.) on the response of gamma interferon and t helper cell (cd4+)
13 IDK Meles The Alkaloid Fraction of Achyranthes Aspera linn increase nk cells in breast cancer cells
14 Suherni Susilowati Additional seminal plasma crude protein to preserve DNA integrity of goat spermatozoa on freezing process
15 Budi Utomo Cases of reproduction disorder of beef cattle at modo district, lamongan in 2015

Sri Pantja Madyawati

Influence of pH Vaginal Mucosa When Artificial Insemination of Non Return Rate (NRR) and Conception Rate (CR) on Dairy Cow in KSU Tunas Setia Baru Pasuruan, East Java

Pudji Srianto

Non Specific Bacteria Isolate in Reproductive Tract of Dairy Cattle that Experienced Repeat Breeder at KSU “Tunas Setia Baru” Pasuruan Regency
18 Wiwik Misaco Detection of OMP31 Gene Encoding Brucella Suis's Local Isolates OMP 31kDa Protein with Polymerase Chain Reaction
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