Learning Outcome

The graduates of Veterinary Medicine Education Program are expected to have following competencies:

Bachelor Level
Specialized Competences
LO 1 Apply basic knowledge technology of anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry and embryology to construct basic clinical improvement
LO 2 Analyze diagnosis of animal diseases caused by virus, bacteria, parasite, mold & toxin based on physic and laboratory examination in order to treat correctly
LO 3 Assess the system of epidemiology and surveillance in controlling, preventing strategic, bio-products, bio-safety, bio-security and bio-materials from animals causing zoonotic diseases to eliminate them
LO 4 Analyze various kinds of medicines based on chemical structures, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics, and the therapy to define drug of choice in line with caused agent of sick animals
LO 5 Asses developing biotechnology of animal reproduction ( reproduction engineering), improve the quality of animal genetics to handle the problems on animal reproduction
LO 6 Implement developing entrepreneurship skills in the field of veterinary and husbandry to be independent
LO 7 Generate diagnose of physiological, abnormalities, metabolic and symptomatic diseases on animals to define diseases correctly
Social Competences
LO 8 Implement veterinary and husbandry science and technology creatively based on ethics, morality, religion, Pancasila and civics in public
LO 9 Organize ideas and information in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry field and apply consistent government laws and regulations concerning veterinarian professional code of ethics to be implemented effectively.
Profession Level
LO 10

Generate clinical diagnose of physiological, abnormalities, metabolic and symptomatic diseases on animals based on laboratory and clinical examination to treat them correctly

LO 11

Monitor diseases through epidemiology study, legislation, various zoonotic diseases, HACCP, animal quarantine and one health system to establish regulations based on epidemiological and zoonotic disease knowledge.


LO 12 Generate ethics, animal welfare in veterinary, public society and communication skill.
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